Grand Central Hotel gives you the chance not only enjoy Bundoran but a bit of craic as well!

Enjoy the best local bands at the Wild Atlantic Bar. Why not make an evening of it and try a dish from our delicious bar menu.
Live Music

29th March – Thomas Gillespie
30th March – Paddy Kelly

20th April – Paddy Kelly
21st April – Graham McKinstry
27th April – Francis Harrison 

4th May – Graham McKinstry
11th May – Paddy Kelly 
26th May – Graham McKinstry 

8th June - Francis Harrison
15th Jun – Paddy Kelly 
22nd Jun – Graham McKinstry

6th Jul – Paddy Kelly
12th Jul – Ray Dolan
13th Jul – Graham McKinstry
15th Jul – Paddy Kelly
18th Jul – Paddy Kelly
22nd Jul – Paddy Kelly
27th Jul - Francis Harrison
29th Jul – Paddy Kelly 

1st Aug – Graham McKinstry
3rd Aug - Francis Harrison
4th Aug – Ray Dolan 
6th Aug – Paddy Kelly 
12th Aug - Paddy Kelly
17th Aug – Ray Dolan
19th Aug – Paddy Kelly
22nd Aug – Graham McKinstry
24th Aug – Paddy Kelly

7th Sept – Graham McKinstry
14th Sept – Paddy Kelly

26th Oct – Paddy Kelly