Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Sea Sessions - Guide to survive a Music Festival

Sea Sessions is finally here! You should start packing, but wait! Are you forgetting something? This is all you need to know.

1. Take a hands free bag with you - any convenient and comfy bag is good. Check your ticket to make sure these items are allowed in the festival area, there are some restrictions regarding this. In any case, bring the least number of things possible.

2. If you stay with us you will have a shower with warm water at your disposal, but if you camp you must not forget to bring some wet wipes! Believe us. 

3. Wear wellies or water-resistant shoes. Do you even have to ask why?

4. Remember the names Parka and Poncho, they are your new best friends. They don’t just protect you from the rain and the cold, you can also sit on them! 

5. You can go to the festival at whatever time you like, but we recommend you allow some time on the first day (Friday) for the ticket-bracelet exchange. It usually takes the most time and generates the longest queues #ExpertFestivalGoerAdvice

6. The nightmare of finding a place to pee… is over! If the queue is just never-ending and you think you are not going to make it, come over to your room at the Grand Central Hotel, it’s less than 5minute walk!

7. Remember to visit the SeaSessions website for updates.

8. Have fun!